Yesterday wo Utatte, Episode 3 – Mage in a Barrel

Never expected to be saying this after last week’s rough going, but that was rather pleasant (in the end), wasn’t it?

I was kind of expecting Yesterday wo Utatte to pivot to letting us see a little bit more into Haru this week given the fact that Rikuo had his moment in the premiere and Shinako took focus last week. Giving us a relatively objective look at the three main characters through their own headspace and lives was always needed to happen to prepare a solid foundation for the story going forward, and that’s what we’ve now got. For my part, I’d like to see this kind of rotation maintained going forward, as balancing them in such a way helps it feel like they have their own stories—rather than just being actors in any one character’s tale.

In Haru’s case, it’s especially nice to see her life and some of her significant relationships outside her attraction to Rikuo and weird student-teacher/love rivals dynamic with Shinako. It’s always been clear that there’s more to Haru than the happy-go-lucky persona she usually puts on around Rikuo, but I appreciate that rather than painful backstory we just got a bit of a look around her daily life: her work, seeing her mom, and trying to pursue her unrequited romance. As one does.

It’s maybe not the most healthy of lifestyles, emotionally, but as she says herself, she’s pretty happy with how things are at the moment. And, for the most part, that seems to be true.

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