Dark Envoy Revels in Classic Tactical RPG Gameplay, Hits in 2023

Dark Envoy is shaping up to be a complete tactical RPG package judging by the gameplay trailer revealed by developer Event Horizon during the Golden Joystick Awards 2022 today. After such a long wait since we saw the game’s story trailer last year, it’s nice to see today’s gameplay trailer showing off more of its magical machine world. While the video also comes with confirmation of a delay to 2023, the footage highlights Dark Envoy’s real-time combat while teasing more new areas and enemies to fight through.

In Dark Envoy, players can experience the story solo or in co-op. Event Horizon jokes that the game’s enemies are “not idiots,” so don’t expect an easy adventure as you master the skills, perks, classes, and crafting. Combat can play out in real time, paused, or in “slow time,” and it will encourage you to take advantage of terrain and traps to secure an advantage. See our latest look at Dark Envoy in the gameplay trailer below.

Dark Envoy was revealed in 2019 as the latest strategy game from the team behind Tower of Time. It aims to take players to a “sci-fantasy” world where humans are grappling with how to use magic in an age of industrialization. The story and its setting are what will pull many players in, but Event Horizon hopes to keep them hooked with gameplay that centers on party setup, build customization, and dense, tactical RPG combat. When we spoke with the team last year, they promised even more to explore outside of combat thanks in part to Dark Envoy’s floating base of operations, the Skyship.

Dark Envoy launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2023.

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