Two 28mm Komsomolets artillery tractors for my Finnish army

These are two 28mm Komsomolets artillery tractors for my Finnish WWII army. The Finns captured a bunch of these during the Winter War and used them to the end of WWII and beyond. These are both 3D printed. The one on the left a filament print gifted to me by my friend Mark D., the one on the right printed by me in resin on my new Elagoo Saturn 2 resin 3D printer. Mark, thanks for the wonderful gift!

Both of these were weathered up with some mud in the tracks and splattered throughout. This ‘mud’ was made with Mig ‘European Mud’ pigment and some acrylic medium. A nice coating of dust was added using Valejo dust weathering wash, which I actually like a lot. I’ve intentionally left off the Finish markings on these. Some were pressed immediately into service, so this is not all that a historical. Also this will allow me to use them with a Russian force should I ever get around to making one. 


I’ll count these as two 28mm vehicles painted in my annual painting totals.

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