The Ambition of Oda Nobuna (Season 1) 1080p Dual Audio HEVC Multi Subs

Yoshiharu Sagara finds himself involved in a raging battle during the Sengoku Period when he wakes up. Legendary Japanese hero Hideyoshi Toyotomi saves him at the hero’s expense. As he breathes his last, Yoshiharu pleads with him for the position of feudal lord. Yoshiharu pledges to prevent the timeline from diverging any further now that the course of history has been altered. As Yoshiharu rescues Nobuna Oda—whom he discovers is actually the fabled Nobunaga Oda’s female counterpart—he finds himself transported into an alternate universe where most of Japan’s historical warlords are girls instead! With the hope of finding peace, Yoshiharu decides to become a member of Nobuna’s retainer team and assist her in conquest of Japan.

Nobuna launches her campaign, and Yoshiharu discovers he can predict future events and turn the tide of war thanks to the knowledge he gained from playing “Nobunaga’s Ambition.”. The goal of Yoshiharu’s new lord is to fulfil her dream of winning a woman’s heart by using this gift to assist the Oda clan’s beautiful generals.

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