Thanks to A Little To The Left I can pretend I’m creative rather than messy

One thing that I don’t really talk about is how I am in fact a horrible little gremlin. I’ve never really graduated from storing my clothes on the floor like I did when I was 16 (every 12 weeks or so I tidy them all away and then start the process again). It is cold, so I have a pink blanket that is my work chair blanket, which I have had for at least five years and I cannot remember washing. I store things using a cunning system of my own devising i.e. the cellotape has been behind the left monitor on my desk for months, so by the transitive property that is now Where The Cellotape Goes. If I put the cellotape somewhere more logical, like in a drawer for keeping things like cellotape, then I would forget where the cellotape is.

The area in and around my desk is a nonsensical melange of things, a place that would probably deal you +12 psychological damage if you approached without the necessary preparation. But after playing A Little To The Left I can rebrand my desk as being a deliberate series of whimsical organising puzzles.

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