Stronger Together’ Offers Very Different Co-Op Experiences

River Tails: Stronger Together is a vibrant adventure game aimed at two players – a cat and a fish – that will have a very different experience with the game.

I got the chance to play some of this game at EGX this year, where I had a great time. You can play as a little fish or a big cat (or both, if you want to take it on as a solo). These two different characters have different abilities and features to them, making for an interesting experience. As a fish, you need to stay in the water. As a cat, you hate water and need to jump around on platforms. These two characters provide an interesting game to play through as you can pick which character and experience you want. It feels like a great game for a child and an adult to play, as you can actually help your friend and ensure that they are guided through the game. 

Playing as the cat, you will need to hop from area to area, opening up doors so that your fish friend can keep moving forward with you. Your fish also needs protection – if any other fish appear in the water, you need to go near them to scare them away so that they do not chase your pal. As the fish character (which is an easier role), you need to pull on ropes to open areas for the cat to jump to, as well as keep moving forward with the cat.

The game requires working together, but it’s very clear where you are going and what needs to be done next. If your fish does end up jumping out of water or getting attacked by another fish, it’s okay as there are plenty of checkpoints along the way. It’s the same with the cat getting caught in water – you’ll just both be brought back a little bit. 

River Tails: Stronger Together is a lovely, well-made platformer that feels so fun to play with your friends or family. It’s relaxing, simple, and provides just enough challenge in puzzles for you to need to think slightly before moving on. 

River Tails: Stronger Together is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist.

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