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Because the chain mechanic triggers only on playing consecutive same-color cards, it has an effect on how you build your deck. Getting a lot of cards of a single color is even more powerful than usual because now they can give chain bonuses. That said, there’s still a balancing act. If you have a lot of blue cards, those are good at defense, but you probably need SOME non-blue cards to actually win. If you have a lot of pink cards, those are good for engine-building combos of their own, but you might need at least SOME blue defensive cards, or a green card with swaps, etc. It’s still very possible to trigger chain combos of multiple colors (meaning you play a blue, blue this turn then pink, pink next turn, etc), but you’ll want to think about a few more same-color cards than you usually draft.

That said, you could always branch out with Bejeweled Corset:

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