Play It Cool, Guys – episode 6

For a second there I thought this might have been the last episode of Play it Cool, Guys. It’s not that I wanted it to be and I know there is a lot more of the manga but it also seemed like such a good place to stop.

I can’t quite explain it but it felt like everyone got a little chance to grow and advance in their personal arc toward coolness. However, it’s not the last episode! Yay! There was a next time episode 7 after the end credits.

I didn’t get as many screencaps this week. I guess the small animal cafe was just particularly inspiring. Not that Sakura-chan wasn’t adorable because she most certainly was. But she also wasn’t on screen all that much. Surprisingly less than I thought after reviewing my screencaps.

Speaking of Sakura-chan, I have never related to Shun more than when he was trying to play it cool for his dog. In my life, I have attempted and failed to seem cool for a heck of a lot of people, but it only really gets to me when I failed to impress my pets. Their opinions are really the ones that matter the most! Thankfully Sakura-chan was totally convinced by Shun’s ruse. cough.

Last week, we Hayate and Mima togeher. They kind of brought out the best in each other. And this week, we have something similar with Shun and Souma. These two work particularly well together since Shun has a hang-up about getting laughed at. More than anyone else he’s really worried about other people thinking he’s a dork. This is silly because everyone knows he’s a dork and they like him that way.

So pairing him with Souma who openly literally laughs at himself whenever he screws up is the perfect match. That’s why Shun was talking about strength of spirit and all that. Souma is doing something Shun finds completely frightening, and he’s doing it with a smile.

On the other hand, Souma seems just as impressed. Souma’s a friendly guy so I,m not surprised he could strike up a conversation easily. Still, this is the first time we’ve actually heard anyone get called “cool” in this show. Out loud at least. And the reaction was perfect. Not gonna lie, I also totally react that way when someone I think is cool tells me I’m cool. It’s the…coolest!

So now the guys have all gathered at the restaurant and we might get a chance to see them all in action next week. I hope we do.

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