Past Fate triples resources, continues zone development, and frees crafters from stations

Tell us if you’ve been in this position before: You’re deep in the wilds of Past Fate, hoovering up resources like you’re a wood-hungry Kirby, when suddenly you realize that you need to dash to some settlement or a crafting table in order to make basic stuff. Thanks to the latest closed alpha patch, that’s no longer an issue, as players can now put together some limited items without needing to stand in front of a crafting table; some of the more demanding crafts will still require a character to sidle up to a station.

On the subject of crafting, the new patch has also tripled the resources players can find out in the world for even more wood hoovering (or any other resource, obviously) as well as added resources to the game’s new areas. Speaking of areas, the devs note that this patch has nearly completed the region of Edaria and started work on the Kingdom of Drosus, while group content areas in Blackfang Village and Bandit Hideout have been redone to ease crowding. All of the changes await in the patch notes.


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