Paint Table Saturday 29 October 2022


Well, it took me a little bit longer than anticipated to finish the test paints of the spaceships. Apart from the priming and gloss varnishing, everything was done by hand-brush.

They’re OK, but using an ink wash after glass varnishing just made them look dirty. I think the best option for when I do the good prints of the ships will be to prime them black (or dark grey, followed by a black wash) followed by a grey drybrush to catch all the panels and raised details, then a final light drybrush of white to catch panel edges. And then to apply thin airbrush coats, which means masking. That should keep the recessed panel lines darker than the raised panels.

3D Printing

Since Wednesday I have printed some more pool tables (finally of the correct size), some Shadowrun “jackpoints” and a whole load of small cargo pieces – crates, barrels, drums, boxes.

To use up what is left of this spool, I am currently doing some prints to test printing speed settings to see if I can decrease the time it will take me to print future 28mm starships.

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