Paint Table Saturday 05 November 2022

 There has been a little bit of painting done this week. One bit will get posted tomorrow or Monday, the other you will have to wait for – it’s a gift for someone who might read this blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

3D Printing

I mentioned that I’d been doing some test prints. These (the items on the front left) have shown that I can increase the speed to 60mm/s without any problem. I did try printing at 80mm/s but that seems to have been too fast. Now I need to test whether I can increase the acceleration value. I did test a higher acceleration at 80mm/s – the results were worse, but I want to check if that is also the case at 60mm/s.

For the 28mm spaceships, increasing the print speed to 60mm/s will save me 10-25% on the time required; increasing the acceleration will save another 10-15%. Now that I’m more confident with my printer I’m happy putting multiple items on the same print bed which should save a bit more time.

I’ve printed a couple of dice towers this week to see how they come out.

This month’s freebies for Tribe members from 2nd Dynasty included two 28mm starfighters:


Talon Interceptor:

I’ve been having some issues with the printer for the last week or so – “zits” and nasty stringing. I suspect that the fix I did a couple of months ago when I had similar problems hasn’t lasted. I’ve ordered (and received) a replacement hot-end which I plan to fit tomorrow. At the same time I ordered a better fan for the processor board which will also get fitted tomorrow – the one that comes installed is an el cheapo job that is very noisy when the printer starts to heat up (it only seems to do that when the ambient temperature is under 25C or so; it was fine during the summer!).

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