Microsoft Flight Simulator hosts community fly-in for 40th anniversary

Happy 40th birthday to Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has been swooping around on PC in some form or another since 1982, as of today. To mark the occasion, devs Asobo Studio are hosting a community fly-in and heading for Chicago’s sadly demolished Meigs Field, the very first airport to feature in a Microsoft Flight Simulator game. You can join in on Twitch and Discord at 8pm GMT/9pm CET/12pm PST.

Choppers are finally arriving in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s 40th Anniversary Updates.

Now, I’m not old enough to remember taking off from Meigs Field myself, but if you had an IBM PC and a copy of the original Microsoft Flight Simulator back in the day then I gather it was a very familiar sight. Meigs Field hasn’t been featured in a Flight Simulator game since Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. The Chicago runway was controversially demolished back in 2003, IRL.

Today’s community fly-in event is open to anyone who wants to commemorate the airport, added back into the game with today’s 40th Anniversary Update. The Asobo team say its open to beginners, and recommend piloting any plane that can cruise at around 120 knots. Go on, pick a Cessna, you know you want to. You can find out full details of the event and download the Meigs Field flight plan here.

The 40th Anniversary Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator lands today, bringing a cargo hold’s worth of classic airports, historical flying machines, and new types of aircraft including helicopters and gliders. I’m quite looking forward to getting my hands on Lindbergh’s Spirit Of St. Louis, personally. You can read more about what’s in the update here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is on Steam and the Microsoft Store for £60/$60/€70. It’s also part of PC Game Pass, if you’re a subscriber. The game’s 40th Anniversary Update arrives today and it’s free.

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