I Accidentally Took Three Weeks Off Blogging and This Is What Happened –

Hello everyone, I’m back. Some of you may not have known that I was gone at all. Good! That’s how it’s supposed to be. This is what happened:

In early October I took two weeks vacation. I do this every year. And although I always tell myself I’ll keep up with my blogging when I do, I always end up just getting busy, distracted, or just plain lazy and neglect my blog for two weeks except for airing episode reviews.

This means I don’t write new posts, I don’t format and schedule already written ones, and I don’t keep up with my comments as much or keep up with everyone else’s blogs except when I have some downtime. Ironically, I have less downtime during vacation…

vacations are though

So far, that’s no biggie. Like I said, I do this every year, and let’s face it, it’s not like I operate without ever taking vacations. I make sure I have all my posts scheduled ahead of time. I might do a weekly check-in. It’s all fine ‘n dandy.

But then, right as I was getting back to business, I got sick. Nothing serious, I only caught the flu, but oh boy, it was a mighty flu. I was kind of out of it for a couple of days and then I was completely out of it for another 4 days or so. There was one day when I honestly congratulated myself for getting from my bedroom to my living room. It was a mighty feat!

Thankfully I can work from home so I still managed to catch up on some of my office work but I was more sluggish than I would have liked. And once the day job was done I was completely drained, I had absolutely nothing left over for even watching anime, let alone blogging. So one more week of nothing but the minimum it was and this was a problem.

If you know, you know

I hadn’t planned for that extra week. I was getting dangerously low on prescheduled posts and I was starting to feel really behind. Like I wouldn’t be able to catch up again. Catch up on what?… I’m not sure. It just felt like the blogging world had gone on without me and I was too far behind for some reason. Cool posts had come out that I had missed them completely, big anime news had flown under my now super-high radar and I was out of the loop. Yes, I know this is no different from usual but bear with me!

Let me just say what some of you are thinking, this is a silly way to feel. It really is and I know that. Even when I’m super invested in my blogging I miss posts and news all the time. And I have a huge backlog of posts I can draw from when I get low so it’s not that big a deal. I can also cut down on my blogging days, as I have been thinking of doing for a while. None of these issues I was having had any reasonable grounding, but I still felt that way. The thought of getting back to my blog became more daunting with each passing day.

I have a feeling that a lot of people who just disappear from the blogging landscape go through something like this. They plan on writing one day but life happens and they can’t and then if they don’t get back to it quickly enough, they feel like it’s suddenly a much bigger task than it is and eventually, they just don’t feel up to it at all.

Then again maybe it’s just me.

who knows

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not exactly what you would describe as the most patient of fellows. Especially when it comes to myself. So I went through an accelerated version of this. And then, I got to the other side. I just missed blogging.

I have made it no secret that I might not be the best fit for blogging, for many reasons. But there are also a lot of aspects f blogging, and specifically, anime blogging, that I enjoy a lot. And I can once again say, that not only are these aspects more than enough to keep me coming back, but I also can’t really get them elsewhere.

Even when I was super sick and pitying myself, thinking how stupid my obituary was going to be having to point out that in the middle of everything going on in the world I manage to die from a simple cold, when I was watching new seasonal episodes and reviewing them afterwards, I was excited to see what the comments would be. I was still trying to choose screencaps that would convey the episode best and that my readers would like to see. And it made watching those episodes all the more fun.

have you noticed how consistently this very window is used as a framing device?

I think I appreciated it even more since I wasn’t doing any other blog “work” at the time. It sort of stood out.

But even this. By “this” I mean this very post. The act of sitting down and just writing what’s on my mind to share with you all. It’s really great. There’s a catharsis to it. And yeah, I wasn’t up to it a few days ago but now that I am, it’s just fun. Like talking to a friend after a while. Maybe it’s a little awkward and maybe I’m droning on for too long, I do that. But it’s also refreshing. It makes me just a little happier for the rest of my day.

That’s a feeling that can get lost or buried if you get too worked up in the other stuff. You know, you chase deadlines trying to make sure your post goes off on a self-imposed schedule no one else will keep you to. Or you are focused on your stats and/or SEO and forget to enjoy those less measurable successes.

Taking a scheduled and planned vacation is one thing. But this little extra time off, really reminded me of what I loved about blogging in the first place. I hope the high lasts for a while.

remembering that blogging isn’t work…

However, it can go the other way. I’m not going to lie, it was nice to just do nothing much on Saturday. Taking a “me” day and not even opening my blog. I usually take half the day just for formatting posts. I could easily see a world where I decide that all my Saturdays should be entirely for “me”. Not that blogging isn’t for me but you know what I mean.

And it was also great to just read a couple of chapters of manga (I’m currently reading Tokyo Tereraba Girls and I’m really into it) instead of sitting in front of a blank page trying to coax inspiration out. I’m not a natural writer and writing posts is occasionally very challenging for me. On the other hand, reading manga is usually enjoyable and always easy, especially when I come across a title like this!

Honestly, had I come down with something a bit worse than the flu and been out of circulation for longer, I don’t know what would have happened.

I originally had titled this post: I Accidentally Took Three Weeks Off Blogging and This Is What I Learned but I realized as I was writing it, that I really hadn’t learned much at all. I had been lucky in that I managed to get reinvigorated by my break but it’s not like I can say the same will happen for you. Heck, I can’t even say if the same will happen for me next time. It’s just a lucky break. But it’s a lucky break I wanted to share with you all.

And I hope whatever time off you take, whether planned or not, it ends up reinvigorating you as well!

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