New Shooter For PS5, Xbox Series X|S, And PC Looks Like Fortnite With A Twist

An intriguing-looking new PvPvE multiplayer shooter has been announced for console and PC, and you don’t have to wait long at all to potentially get to play it for yourself.

The Netherlands-based publisher Upwake.me has announced Hawked, a new “extraction” shooter in the works for PlayStation, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A closed alpha for the title will start November 24 on Steam for PC players; it will showcase the Hunt mode (more on that later).

What is Hawked? It is an online shooter where teams or single players face off to collect and later extract treasure–called Artifacts–on a colorful island. Players will adventure around the island and take on evil monsters known as Disciples as they try to collect treasure. The treasure is valuable, and other teams of human players are competing not only against the AI enemies, but also each other.

In the closed alpha, the Hunt mode–which is Hawked’s core experience–will see players racing and fighting to collect Artifacts. Players get points for collecting these, and any Artifacts successfully extracted at the end of a match provide benefits that extend to future matches.

Concept art for Hawked’s Sunken Temple


Players can loot Artifacts from fallen enemies but also by defeating AI enemies. During special “Glyph” encounters, players can obtain up to four glyphs that allows them to open a “Vault,” which contains multiple Artifacts. At the end of a match, the player with the most Artifacts wins. However, part of the appeal of Hawked is that, even if you or your team doesn’t “win” a match outright, all Artifacts collected carry forward to the next game.

The in-game treasure can be redeemed to upgrade gear and abilities, while players can also customize their loadouts. New weapons (like katanas) and equipment (like grappling hooks) can be unlocked over time to allow users to play how they want to. The game’s traversal systems go beyond just running around. Hawked allows players to surf and cruise around on ziplines as well. Take a look at the trailer above to get a sense of the tone and vibe of Hawked.

The Hawked closed alpha test starts November 24 and ends November 28–more details can be found on Hawked’s website. The developers are hoping to gather feedback to inform the future development of Hawked.

For more on Hawked, check out some concept art that the developers shared exclusively with GameSpot. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more on Hawked.

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