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See Call Of Duty: MW2 And Warzone 2’s PlayStation-Exclusive Content In Action

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 will have PlayStation-exclusive content, just like other recent entries in the series, and now Activision has provided a closer look at this special content.

The bonuses include monthly double XP events, two additional loadout spots, a party bonus when teamed up with other people on PlayStation, and five extra battle tokens for the battle pass. PlayStation users are also getting Combat Packs with each new Season.

For Season 01, which just started this week, players get the ONI Revenger weapon blueprint, the Demon Fang charm, the Oni Tactical operator skin, and more. This content will be exclusive to PlayStation until at least October 27, 2023.

Sony pays Activision for exclusive content in the Call of Duty series, and this is continuing despite Microsoft’s bid to buy Activision and the Call of Duty series. Microsoft previously held an exclusivity arrangement with Activision for Call of Duty content, but Microsoft lost out to Sony starting with 2015’s Black Ops III.

Season 01 for Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0 released this week, bringing a variety of new content and features to the multiplayer shooters. For more, check out the Season 01 patch notes.

Warzone 2.0’s recent launch helped propel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II to become Steam’s most popular paid game this week. Modern Warfare II itself has already generated $1 billion in game sales, while Warzone 2.0 will no doubt be a financial success with its battle pass and store bundles.

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