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GTA Online Focuses On Heists This Week With In-Game Bonuses And A Community Goal

Two years ago, GTA Online players blew past a GTA$100 billion community target to rob GTA$1 trillion. To celebrate the ongoing heist event, Rockstar is doubling the goal and promises special rewards if the community meets it.

If the entire community robs a total GTA$2 trillion in heists by November 30, a special reward for later this year will be unlocked. As an aid, you will receive 2X GTA$ and RP if you perform the Pacific Standard Job this week. You can also receive 2X GTA$ and RP on all prep missions as well as 1.5X GTA$ and RP for the Doomsday Heist. As an additional aesthetic reward, if you complete the Pacific Standard Job, you will receive a Pacific Standard sweater. If you log in this week, you’ll receive a Wasted! Tee and a Rampage Tee, incorporating logos and phrases from the GTA franchise.

In addition to heists, several other modes and missions will net you bonuses. You can earn 2.5X GTA$ and RP in Pursuit Races, in which you race against other players and the virtual police. Completing contract missions for Martin Madrazo will also net 2.5X GTA$ and RP. Playing the Hunting Pack (Remix) mode will grant 2.5X GTA$ and RP until the mode leaves the game on November 30. Finally, bodyguards and associates will earn 2.5X their regular salary for the reminder of the Heist event.

As always, there are new cars and discounts to find. The Übermacht Sentinel Classic and its Widebody customization are now available at Benny’s Original Motor Works. A metallic ice white Bravado Buffalo STX, Maxwell Vagrant in yellow with the Nature Reserve livery, a Classic Black Vulcar Warrener HKR, a metallic red Vapid Flash GT with a Classic Flags with Stripes livery, and a Canis Seminole Frontier in metallic dark green are available in Premium Deluxe Motorsport. In the Luxury Autos Showroom, you can pick up a Enus Deity or Imponto Deluxo. You can earn a Vysser Neo by winning a Pursuit Race series five times in a row. The top prize on the Diamond Casino and Resort’s Lucky Wheel is a Progen T20.

You can read the full details on the Rockstar official website.

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