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EA’s New College Football Game Is On The Way, But No Release Date Yet

EA has been hard at work on a successor to its long-running NCAA college football games for a while now, but it seems that CFB fans will have to wait just a bit longer. A new interview from ESPN suggests that “EA Sports College Football” is coming sometime in summer 2024, but it seems that the contents of the game are still very much a work in progress.

EA vice president Daryl Holt told the sports giant that this new college football game will feature Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory, which are both key multi-season modes returning from previous games in the series. He also said that more than 120 schools will be in the game, though not every FBS team has committed to participating yet. At least one major school, Notre Dame, has expressed a skeptical view of the project.

It’s not even clear if the game will feature a significant number of real college football players, as controversy over their inclusion without payment was one of the main reasons behind the series’ long dormant period. In the interview, Holt said that included players will be compensated. He also said that the game would be quite different from Madden, and that the project is still mostly in pre-production.

As a whole, while there’s definitely room in the game industry for another football game, right now, it seems that many aspects of EA Sports College Football are still up in the air. The game is slated for launch in summer of 2024.

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