Wargaming Girl: Finished: 3D-Printed 28mm Celt Warrior


You may remember me telling you that I’d been printing some sample figures for the guys from the podcast to try out. I decided that I might as well paint up one of them myself, and picked the Celt warrior (the other options were a Roman legionary, a Greek hoplite and a Persian kardakes). There is a separate shield that goes with the figure, but I decided to leave that off.

Oh, and I didn’t notice the blue paint on his left wrist/hand until I was resizing the photos for the blog – not when I was painting it, not when I varnished it and not when I was taking the photos!

The figure was printed at 0.1mm layer height. If you look closely you can see the layer lines, but at a typical gaming distance they wouldn’t be visible.

Because of the layer lines, washes weren’t going to be an option – they’d tend to pool in the recesses. With that in mind, I primed the figure black, then did a white zenithal prime to help me identify the highlights and shadows for the next step – applying a purple pre-shade to the shadows and pale flesh to the highest highlights of the flesh.

I then built the flesh up using thin layers. I did also do a bit of wet blending to smooth out the transitions from the deepest shadows.

The trousers were also done by layering. For the metals, I decided to have another go at non-metallic metal – it didn’t come out too badly, but I need a lot more practice to get it right; the steel certainly looks better than the gold/brass/bronze.

Overall, I’m happy with how it came out but the fact that you can’t use washes, contrast paints, etc does mean that they will take longer to paint.

For anyone who is interested, the figure is a free sample from 3D Breed’s “March To Hell” range.

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