CS:GO Update Replaces Dust 2 with Anubis in the Active Duty Map Pool for 2023 Paris Major, and More

CS:GO has just introduced one of the big changes to their map pool in the longest time. The ‘active duty’ map pool will see the removal of Dust 2 and the addition of Anubis through the latest update. This change is being made to determine which maps will be played at the 2023 Paris Major.

CS:GO did not directly reveal their new change, as they teased the tweak with a tweet featuring the caption ‘Quick, someone reply with a good “Anubis Remove Format” pun’, which had many fans confused. The Valve-developed title let the fans stay confused for a bit until they tweeted out the upcoming change. For clarity, Dust 2 has just been removed from the ‘active duty’ map pool, it still exists in Casual, Deathmatch and Competitive modes.

Anubis is a Bomb Defusal map and was created by the community. It was released back in March 31, 2022, and has just found its way to the ‘active duty’ map pool. As the map has now been added to ‘active duty’, it will not be managed by the community anymore, but Valve Corporation instead.

That is not the only change that was introduced through the latest update. Some weapons have undergone some nerfs too, namely AWP and M4A1-S. The AWP’s magazine size has been reduced from 10 bullets to 5 bullets, so players will have to make every bullet count. The M4A1-S on the other hand does less damage at long ranges, the range modifier has been reduced from 0.99 to 0.94.

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