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The all-new Kingdom Pass for Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) has been revamped with unlimited levels starting for the month of November. Adventurers can level up their Kingdom Pass beyond the original level 80, adventurers will be able to level up their Kingdom Pass indefinitely, with rewards visible in the menu up to level 160. Once this level is reached, rewards will cycle for every 10 level.


  1. How much is the new Glory Pass
  2. Glory Pass Gifting
  3. Quests
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    2. New Quests Explanation
    3. Error on Poring Balloon Quest
  4. Rewards
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    2. Glory Pass Level 81+ Rewards
  5. Tips of Completing the Kingdom Pass
  6. Final Thought
  7. Exclusive Rewards for the month of November
  8. Complete November 2022 Kingdom Pass Rewards

The Kingdom Pass has two kinds of rewards: One that is free (Kingdom Pass) for all adventurers and the other one, the Glory Pass. With the new update, rewards for the Kingdom Pass were nerfed; players will receive a reward at every five levels. After reaching level 80, they no longer receive any rewards. The Glory Pass remains unchanged, however. Rewards are still given out at every two or three levels after reaching level 80.

How much is the New Glory Pass

The Glory Pass tiers have been changed. The previous Glory Pass that had a level cap is now the Glory Pass with no limit. There are also two options for booster packs that increase your level automatically to either level 20 or 80, depending on which one you choose.

Here are the prizes for Glory pass in diamonds.

  • Glory Pass – Unlimited Level (4,888 Diamonds)
  • Glory Bonus Pack – Unlimited Level + Level up to 20 (20,488 Diamonds)
  • Glory Booster Pack – Unlimited Level + Level up to 80 (85,468 Diamonds)

For players who reach level 80 Glory Pass, party instances will have additional rewards—a special “Material Pack” that can be obtained after clearing the instance. The cost for purchasing a glory pass level is the same at 1,200 Diamonds.

Adventurers can now Gift Glory Pass to Friends

Aside from these changes, Glory pass can now also be gifted to friends. However, in order to gift it, you need to top up 20,000 Diamonds, which will earn you one attempt to send a friend a Glory pass.

No more Refresh on Kingdom Pass Quests

The 3x daily refresh has been removed, allowing adventurers to take on all available quests without having to wait until they are completed.

There are also new added quests such as consuming Odin Blessing, participating on OX Quiz and Fishing Contest, using recovery items, taking photo at Poring Hot Air Balloon, Cooking, buying and sending gift on the NPC. The quest that takes a long time to complete, such as clearing instances, refining and enchanting items, were also reduced which made it easier to complete your daily grind.

The bad news, there are quest that are impossible to complete this month and some quest that are non-f2p friendly like 100K Diamond Exchange and obtaining 10 cards from monsters, though this will not stop you from reaching level 80 and beyond.

New Quests Explanation

If you are confused with the new quests in the Challenge and Season tabs, here are some tips and explanation:

  • 10 Obtaining Costumes – Not literally obtaining outfit, but you can also craft a headgear to do this quest.
  • 400 Gacha Pulls – Equipment Gacha is cheaper, dismantle and pull the lowest tier and 400 pulls in no time.
  • Obtain 10 cards from Killing monsters – Unfortunately, buying cards from exchange will not work – you really need to obtain it from the monsters or MVP/Mini which is impossible for 1 month.
  • Obtain 3 cards – Use exchange center to buy cheap cards or through Gacha card.
  • Interact with pets 1500 times – You have up to 50 interact pet attempt per day, use that or with other pet materials. (Note: Do not press and hold the button or else it will count as 1 progress)
  • Upgrade 100 Shadow skills – Most of you probably level up the max limit of your shadow equipment (Looks impossible even you awaken new shadow equipment, better to buy a level instead).
  • Diamond Exchange Center transaction – non-f2p
  • Send 60 Red Envelopes – You could be reported for spamming sending red envelopes in the world chat, do it on your guild instead. You need at least 600 topped up diamond for this one, with the following input Normal Red Envelope: Single Unit Value: 10, Quantity: 60.
  • Take and share a photo of Poring Hot Air Balloon – You need to take a photo and share it to your social media. Imagine doing this every single day, just set the social media post privacy to only me.
  • Use 10 recovery items – Use any health pots (White Potion, Seed of Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil)
  • Reach 60 Activity – Check Carnival for your activity points.
  • Win 4 times in Doomsday Battle instance – Participate in Trial Illusion.
  • Use Cooking – You need to consume food buffs, not literally you have to cook a food.

Error on Poring Balloon Quest

For those adventurers who has hard time completing the “Take and share a photo of Poring Hot Air Balloon”, you can copy this angle and try. Location is near the Ultimate Hunter NPC.

Make sure you have Facebook app or Line app installed on your device and share it to this platform. Since this might by a daily challenge and may distract your friends, just set the privacy to only me.

What was Removed?

As for the nerfed free-tier kingdom pass, there are several item rewards that was removed and some of this reward was moved to Glory pass 80+ levels. Here is the list of it:

  • 19 x Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary
  • 2 x Enchantment Selection Pack
  • 2 x Pet Frisbee
  • 1 x Premium White Medicine Kit
  • 3 x Refinement Selection Pack
  • 2 x Luminary Selection Pack
  • 15 x Dead Branch
  • 1 x Red Rose
  • 1 x Yggdrasil Berry Bag
  • 1 x Mysterious Box
  • 2 x Pet Mousse
  • 3 x Pet Interaction Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Basic Cooking Selection Pack I
  • 3 x Shadow Equipment Basic Selection Pack
  • 1 x Lollipop
  • 1 x Hair Treatment Coupon
  • 1 x Eden Group Ticket (Single)
  • 1 x Automatic Fishing Rod
  • 1 x Beauty Treatment Coupon
  • 1 x Fire Resistance Medicine Kit
  • 1 x Upgrading Selection Pack
  • 1 x Red Cooking Wine
  • 1 x Lucky Origami Crane
  • 1 x Dye Gift Pack
  • 1 x Wind Resistance Medicine Kit
  • 1 x Fair Cooking Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Water Resistance Medicine Kit
  • 1 x Lucky Star
  • 1 x Earth Resistance Medicine Kit
  • 1 x Advanced Cooking Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Stamina Potion
  • 1 x Butterfly Bow Ribbon

And here are the rewards that was retained, but was changed:

  • 1 x From Enchantment Selection Pack -> Hair Treatment Coupon
  • 1 x from Stamina Potion -> Upgrading Selection Pack
  • 1 x From Luminary Selection Pack -> Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary
  • 1 x From Upgrading Selection Pack -> Beauty Treatment Coupon
  • 1 x from Stamina Potion -> Equipment Basic Selection Pack
  • 1 x from Mysterious Box -> Dye Gift Pack
  • 1 x from Upgrading Selection Pack -> Refinement Selection Pack
  • 5 x from Gacha Coin Selection Pack -> Pet Interaction Selection Pack I
  • 1 x from Pet Frisbee -> Mysterious Box
  • 1 x From Pet Mousse -> Automatic Fishing Rod

Glory Pass Level 81+ Rewards

For the new level 81+ to 160, here are the new rewards that you can get (Though, not yet confirmed if what are the rewards when reaching beyond level 160):

  • 6 x Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary
  • 1 x Oathsworn Earrings
  • 1 x Dead Branch
  • 1 x Advanced Refinement Selection Pack
  • 1 x Star Crystal Necklace
  • 3 x Stamina Potion
  • 1 x Pet Skill Book Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Premium PVP White Medicine Kit
  • 1 x Pet Interaction Selection Pack II
  • 1 x Basic Cooking Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Advanced Gacha Coin Selection Pack
  • 1 x Cupid’s Bow
  • 10 x Dead Branch
  • 5 x Brilliant Light Coin
  • 1 x Wistful Fireworks
  • 1 x Fair Cooking Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Adv. Enchantment Selection Pack
  • 1 x Panacea Kit
  • 1 x Pet Advancement Selection Pack I
  • 1 x Poring Gold Coin
  • 1 x Macaron
  • 1 x Advanced Upgrade Selection Pack
  • 1 x Shining Diamond Ring
  • 1 x Mysterious Pet Box I

Tips on Completing the Kingdom Pass

With the all-new Kingdom pass, how much experience do you need to reach level 160? Unfortunately, from the original 150 EXP per level, it now requires 200 EXP to level up. This means you will need 32,000 exp to reach level 160 and 16,000 exp to reach level 80.

There are 5 ways for you to earn EXP:

  • Daily – There are 12 quests a day and each one you complete gives you 20 EXP, equaling 240 EXP per day. This month has 30 days, so you’ll be able to earn up to 7,200 EXP this way.
  • Weekly – There are 10 quest per week and now it gives you 160 EXP (from the original 6 quests and 60 EXP each), equaling to 1,600 per week. This month has 5 weeks, so you will get a maximum of 8,000 EXP this month.
  • Season – The Season tab has 10 quests, and each quest has 320EXP, this means you can get up to 3,200 EXP.
  • Challenge – The challenge tab progress has also been reset, now there are 15 challenge quest, and each quest will earn you 400 EXP. In which you can get up to 6,000 EXP, however, there are quest that are too hard to complete and some non-f2p friendly such as Diamond Exchange, obtaining cards from monsters, Doomsday Battle and Shadow skill upgrade. Not counting the non-f2p friendly, you only get up to 4,000 EXP.
  • Weekly Sign-in – Adventurer will also receive 150 EXP per week, this translates to 750 EXP for this month.

For free-to-play players, if you religiously complete all of the dailies, weekly, season and f2p-friendly quest, you’ll be able to get up to 23,150 EXP which translate to a maximum of level 115.

For non-f2p and some impossible quests to do this month (Obtaining cards from monsters), you’ll be able to earn up to 25,150 EXP which is up to level 125. While for those who purchase the level 80 packs, you can get up to level 205.

If you just want to get to level 80 and have no interest in getting further, you need only 16,000 EXP. That means you can take 29 days off from the daily quests and still reach that event-exclusive mount milestone as long as you complete the weekly, season, f2p challenges and weekly sign-in. (Good news to all absenot)

Final Thought

The Kingdom Pass update is a good change that helps players complete the daily quest in less time and mostly include in the daily grind. Those players whose objective is just to get the mount at level 80 can take off the daily quest for up to 29 days and still be able to get the mount. However, rewards beyond level 80 are not worth the effort as the reward are super bad.

The downside is there were also several rewards that was removed for tier-free KP and the all-time progress for the Challenge tab were not counted. Some quests were also impossible to complete in just 1 month like 40 KVM win matches, 10 card drops from monster and non-f2p friendly quest.

The Ragnarok X Next Generation team seems trying to encourage players to use all of the game’s activities through Kingdom Pass, since most players are already skipping them. Let’s just hope that ROX will not nerf some of these EXP on weekly, season and challenge quests.

Rewards for Kingdom Pass for the month of November

Celebrating the Halloween month, Ragnarok X Next Generation allows adventurers can dress up like Dracula with a new mount that allows you to ride a broomstick. Here are the highlight rewards for the event.

Since the rewards for the glory pass remains unchanged, adventurer can still get the mount at level 80.

Complete November 2022 Kingdom Pass Rewards

We will update this part soon.

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