‘Anglerfish’ Reshapes its Disturbing World With Every Death

There are a lot of things out to kill you at a bachelor party in Anglerfish, and after every death, things will have shifted to unveil some new horror.

It’s kind of odd to have a competition to see who deserves to be the best man, but to each his own, I guess. At any rate, the competition may be thinning out quickly, as there seem to be supernatural creatures roaming the bar the party’s at. You’ve got a shotgun you can use to handle that problem, but you’ll soon find that not all of your problems can be handled with bullets. Things will often strike when you don’t expect it (say, when you’re on the toilet). And even when you do see them coming, it doesn’t take them all that long to kill you.

Anglerfish - several people in costumes hang around a gloomy bar

Once you die, that’s when things get really strange. Dying has an effect on the game’s world, and things will change based on how you died. This makes the dangerous world very unpredictable and keeps the stakes high. It’s hard to prepare yourself for danger when everything keeps changing. This allowed the game to really surprise me in places, keeping the scares fresh. It helps that the game creates an unsettling mood with the unsettling things going on around the bar, the strange places you can find within its walls, and the bizarre creatures that lurk within. This also has a side effect of making the game really funny in places. It’s not often that I’ve laughed and screamed at the same time from a strange death, but this game pulled it off.

Anglerfish is bleak and scary, taking players to a gloomy world that is still darkly funny as it scares you. It’s well worth trying just to see what surprises it holds for you every time you die.

Anglerfish is available now on Steam.

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